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5 wrongdoers for your hair

by Geraldine Foley |

Now that we cannot visit the hairdresser, some of us experiment ourselves. Colouring your hair or treating it with hair masks. Have you noticed that the colour fades faster or is your hair always fragile and dry?

Then maybe you are dealing with one of these wrongdoers:

1. A nice, hot shower

We can't deny it. A hot shower is everyone's guilty pleasure, but watch out! Hot water will open up your hair cuticles, which makes your hair dry, frizzy and fragile. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse it off with cold water. This way, your hair cuticles will close again, resulting in shiny and smooth hair.


2. Hidden in the foam

Most shampoos contain sulphates to make it foam, but are harmful for your hair. They break down the natural protective layer of your hair, resulting in lifeless and dry hair. Recently colored your hair? These nasty ingredients make the color fade faster. On top of that, they are bad for the environment.

Our solution? A shampoo based on soap nuts as a natural alternative to sulphates. Good for your hair and the planet!


3. Help, no oxygen! 

Don't be fooled! Most conditioners contain silicones that create a water-resistant layer on your hair. Because of their water-repellent effect it is difficult to rinse them out and the layers build up. This causes the hair to suffocate and nourishing oils can no longer penetrate the hair. This results in heavy, lifeless and fragile hair. Moreover, silicones - just like sulphates - are bad for the environment.

Our alternative? A conditioner based on chiuri butter from Nepal! Natural and environmentally friendly. A win-win situation!


4. Brush, brush, brush

Brushing your scalp improves blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth. However, brushing your hair too much is not good. Your scalp produces sebum, which you then spread all over your hair. Therefore, when brushing, focus on the ends of your hair. Moreover brushing wet hair is a real hair crime, because it can damage your hair more quickly. Tip: brush or comb your hair before entering the shower.


5. Fun in the sun 

A sunny day or splash in the pool can surely boost your mood, but not your hair. The sun can dry out your hair, while chlorine removes natural oils, making it fragile. So make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming. Moreover, your hair - just like your body - needs extra hydration and protection on hot days. Therefore, use products with sun protection or take extra care of your hair after a day in the sun. 

CÎME tip: use our dry oil l'Huile by CÎME as a hair mask. Use this mask just before stepping into the shower or as an after-sun treatment. How? Apply the oil and let it soak in for 10 minutes.

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