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Donation to 'Little Doctors'

by Anke De Boeck |

You may have heared from the CÎME Christmas Events in the past month. During these events our customers had the opportunity to spin the 'Little Doctors Prize Wheel'. Thanks to this campaign, we were able to donate an extra Christmas donation of € 1890 to the 'Little Doctors' school program of the NGO The Nepal Trust.



Thanks to this extra donation, an entire class 11 to 16-year-old from Humla, in the north of Nepal, can follow the course to become Little Doctors in 2019!


1 product purchased = 1 donation to Nepal Trust


With every product you purchase, CÎME always donates part of the proceeds to the ‘Little Doctors’-project of the charity organization Nepal Trust. On top of this donation we made an extra donation of € 1890 this Christmas.

Nepal Trust operates in Humla, Nepal’s highest and most inaccessible district. The life expectancy rate in the Humla district is 58 years and child mortality rate is over 30%.

We are convinced that children are able to make a positive change in the living conditions of their family and community and decided to invest in their education.

In the framework of the ‘Little Doctors’ program, school children of Humla are educated in the fields of personal hygiene, diseases, first aid and nutrition. They are trained to become ‘little doctors’ who spread health awareness among family and friends within their community.

More info? Click here

Thank you for your support in 2018 & we wish you a brilliant 2019!

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