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Defy the sleepless nights as a new mom with these 5 tips!

by Isabel Coppens |

As a new mom, it's great to spend time with your newborn child. However, it is completely normal that it's not all moonlight and roses in your new family. You can't find time for yourself, your nights are getting shorter, so you often start the day tired. That's why we'd like to list quick and easy 5 tips that will help you face these sleepless nights!


Give your tired face a boost

After giving birth, your skin can still react to all those hormonal changes of recent times. As a mother, you may therefore suffer from more difficult, dull skin after pregnancy and while breastfeeding. In addition, your skin can of course also become grayer and tired due to those sleepless nights. Our micellar water Rosée de Roses helps to restore the natural balance of your skin. Moreover, it can be refreshing after a short night. This way you get that soft, clean and soothed skin back. Then mix a few drops of dry oil l'Huile by CÎME with your day and night cream to give your skin extra nourishment. The secret to these tips? They take less than 1 minute of your precious time. 

Rosée de Roses

Treat yourself to a wellness moment

As a mom you need time for yourself every now and then. Your nights are interrupted and during the day all your attention goes to caring for your little one. Call in your partner, mom, dad, a friend or family member to make sure you can recharge yourself. Use our oil l'Huile by CÎME as a bath oil to create the ultimate pampering moment. Spray a few pumps of oil in the bath water and enjoy the peace and the wonderful scent. Don't have a bath tub at home? Use our oil to give yourself a relaxing massage. To do this, apply a few drops of oil to dry or slightly damp skin and massage.



Get a fresh look again

If you have had several sleepless nights, dark circles or bags under your eyes will appear more quickly. Therefore, apply a small amount of our serum Kissed by a Rose with your fingertips to your skin under the eyes. Then lightly dab this natural serum all over your face and let it soak in before applying your day and night cream. Our serum consists of a highly concentrated blend of rose essential oil, wild rose oil, sea buckthorn oil and apricot kernel oil. Thanks to this unique composition, the elasticity of your eye contour improves, so that fine lines immediately become less visible. And your skin will feel silky-soft. 



Opt for a wet look hairstyle

Because you're busy taking care of your baby, you don't always get the chance to wash your hair extensively. Therefore choose a wet look haircut! It's stylish, easy and above all time-saving. This way you can perfectly postpone your hair wash for a day. How do you create this wet look haircut? Mix some hair gel with our dry oil l'Huile by CÎME to make it more fluid. Divide this over your hair and comb everything back. Extra time saving plus: after washing out, your hair is nourished again because the oil has had time to absorb.


Take good care of your body

You are constantly taking care of your child, but don't forget your own body! For example, it is important to hydrate your skin sufficiently during this hectic period. Our firming body lotion intensely nourishes dry skin and visibly restores elasticity. Are you also breastfeeding? Then use our balm Le Baume by CÎME to repair any nipple fissures. Our balm helps to ease the pain, so that you are less awake at night with that painful feeling.



Our products are 100% natural, organic, not tested on animals and safe to use during your pregnancy or on your little one(s), with the exception of the Himalayan balm (because this one is highly concentrated in essential oils). Moreover, you can also let your baby enjoy it by, for example, soothing irritated, red cheeks with Le Baume by CÎME or by instantly nourishing your baby's dry skin with l'Huile by CÎME.

Do you want to know about what type of ingredients to avoid in your skincare, especially during your pregnancy and when you are breastfeeding? Check out our blogpost on this subject here



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