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Festival Beauty | How to get through the festival season

by Jona De Graeve |

Some tips from the CÎME team to help you get through the festival season
and look crisp & cool at any time.



You probably don't want to hear it, but drinking water is still the easiest way to purify and hydrate your skin. Try to alternate between your beer or cocktail and half a liter of water from time to time. Your skin will thank you!



We all know them, the typical festival discomfies like mosquito bites, sunburn, bruises and sore feet, joints and muscles.

Don't let these discomforts spoil the fun: the Himalaya 29°N-81°E  balm to the rescue! This multifunctional balm can be used for irritated skin, tired muscles, stiff joints, sunburn, cracks, scratches, insect bites, bruises or tired feet. The Himalaya 29°N-81°E  balm replaces a lot of products from your first aid kit.



Danced all night on your favorite DJ or band with a sweaty look and smudged mascara as a result? Or do you stay at the camping but don't really feel like taking a shower? No problem, with these easy beauty tips you'll be ready to continue dancing in no time!


1. Micellar water

This 3-in-1 product removes make-up and cleanses and tones your skin. Rosée de Roses combines these 3 functions thanks to the rosewater and the coconut oil.

Cleanse: very important after a whole day at a dusty festival. Just vaporize directly onto the skin and take off with a cleansing cotton or towel.
Make-up remover: really tired and don't feel like removing your make-up? No problem, with a micellar water it's fixed in no time: Mascara, eye shadow and foundation - it will take off everything.
Tonic: spray Rosée de Roses directly onto your face during a hot summer day – it's the perfect refreshment.

And most important: you don't need to rinse with water. So you can just do it from your tent.


2. Day cream with sun protection

Your skin is as thirsty as you are at a festival - so hydrating is the key! But don't forget, sun protection is at least as important. Natural sun protection doesn't close your skin so you'll still get a beautiful tan. If your day & night cream has a brightening effect it will attenuate skin imperfections and dark spots - so you don't need to bring your foundation with you.

Daisy Delight is the perfect day & nightcream for summer, it contains hyaluronic acid (hydration), edelweiss from Nepal (natural sun protection) and extracts of daisy flowers (brightening effect). 



Didn't use our tips?

Imagine: you didn't use any of our tips. You ate fastfood and drank alcohol all weekend, didn't drink enough water, have burned your skin, didn't remove your make-up or use a hydrating day and night cream? Even then, there's still hope!


(© Picture by Paradise City Festival)

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