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Green tea therapy - firming body lotion

by Jona De Graeve |

Green Tea Therapy body lotion! The youngest offspring in our CÎME-family is a lightweight, fast-absorbing body lotion packed with superfoods that intensely hydrates even the driest of skins. It’s a dream for your skin because it nourishes and firms the skin while making it visibly smoother. The unique cocktail of green tea, curcuma and chiuri butter will restore the skin’s elasticity.


How to use?

  • Massage onto moist skin in circular motions. A small quantity is sufficient for the entire body.
  • The silky texture speeds up absorption, reducing stickiness so it’s perfect for a quick morning hydration session. You can immediately put on your clothes afterwards.
  • Use your Green Therapy body lotion immediately after showering! After showering your skin will have a higher concentration of moisture, but contact with air pulls out all the moisture very quickly. Lock in the moisture immediately with a body lotion for soft and silky skin.


What does it do?

  • Ultimate hydration for dry and even sensitive skin
  • Smooth, firm skin thanks to green tea
  • Skin that stays healthy and youthful thanks to the superfood turmeric
  • Hydrated and nourished skin thanks to the the chiuri butter
  • Silky smooth effect, without the stickiness



Unique blend of ingredients!


Green Tea

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants with origins going back as far as 5000 years.  This main, powerful ingredient restores the elasticity of the skin and prevents the breakdown of collagen. The caffeine improves blood circulation and the breakdown of fat cells. As a result the skin is smoother and firmer. It also protects the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals.



Turmeric (curcuma)

Turmeric or curcuma has made a buzz lately. It’s a very powerful spice with an impressive list of benefits. It has been used for more than 4000 years in Asian medicine to heal skin wounds and has collagen-protecting properties. It plays an important role for your skin health. It helps with stretch marks, skin pigmentation and skin elasticity and is therefore anti-aging.



Chiuri butter 

Chiuri butter is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamine E. The butter is pressed from the nuts of a tree growing naturally on steep slopes in the lower Himalayan hills. It hydrates and nourishes the skin making it super soft and vitamin E reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin youthful.



Stay green and try our body lotion now in our webshop!

Love, the CÎME-team

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