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Ocean Waste Plastic

by Carolien Verheul |

Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. 8-10 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year. On the positive side, you can play your part to change it. Since 2020, CÎME has partnered with Ocean Waste Plastic. They ensure that plastic is removed from our oceans and rivers and recycled. We use this in the packaging of our new Honestly Aging line and in our day and night creams Daisy Delight and Under My Skin.


Ocean Waste Plastic concept

OWP is working with a local cleanup team in Indonesia. These Indonesian fishermen remove plastic from our oceans and rivers. This plastic is transferred to local recycling centers, that recycle this plastic as much as possible. For every OWP package, the same amount of plastic waste is removed from our oceans and rivers. This not only makes our planet a little greener and our oceans more blue, but also provides additional income for Indonesian fishermen.

How does CÎME help?

We at CÎME always look for the most sustainable packaging, which is why OWP fits perfectly with our vision. Both the packaging of our day and night creams Daisy Delight and Under My Skin and the entire Honestly Aging line are made of OWP. This means that they are made of 50% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic. But that's not the only thing! One packaging of these day and night creams equals the equivalent of 12 plastic straws removed from our oceans and rivers! For the Honestly Aging retinal serum this is 10 straws and for the eye cream 8. So you too are doing your part when you purchase one of these products, and be sure not to forget to properly sort the empty packaging!

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