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Our 6 ultimate tips to voluminous, glossy and strong hair

by Anke De Boeck |

Washing your hair. It seems so simple, but it takes some skill to master the art. Looking for the best hair ever? Discover here the 6 secrets to voluminous, glossy and strong hair!


1. Preparation is key

Comb your hair before you step into the shower! This removes annoying knots and makes washing your hair easier. 

Before you reach for the shampoo, it is important that your hair is completely wet. This avoids spots which are not washed properly, causing greasy hair or an extra unnecessary wash. So stay under the shower for a while and massage your scalp to make sure your hair is really wet. 


2. The double shampoo method

Here lies the ultimate secret to beautiful and radiant hair! Washing your hair twice is the best way to clean it. The first wash removes excess dirt and grease, allowing you to wash your hair properly and have the active ingredients doing their magic during the second time.

How does it work? Take some shampoo and briefly go through your hair. The first wash might foam less as it removes dirt and grease. For the second wash, apply shampoo with light circular motions. Harsh movements could damage your hair or create knots. You will notice that the shampoo now foams much more than during the first wash. 

While washing, focus on your scalp! Due to the production of sebaceous glands, the hair in this area is usually more greasy.

Our option: say goodbye to sulphates and wash your hair naturally with our Nuts about you volume shampoo. The result? Stronger roots and voluminous hair.



3. Use a conditioner and detangle in the shower

Apply conditioner only where you need it (some people some just need to use on the ends, other on midlengths to ends), leaving it on for a few minutes to really absorb. In general, avoid your scalp as much as possible! This area usually is more greasy and therefore extra nourishment is not necessary.

Our option: say goodbye to silicone and take natural care of your hair with our Nuts about you volume conditioner. Its light formula nourishes and softens hair without weighing it down.  

Detangle your hair with a comb while you're still in the shower. While your hair is wet and the conditioner is still soaking in, you have a little more slip, so you’re less likely to get breakage when you brush your hair afterwards.

 CÎME hair care - Volume conditioner & shampoo


4. Rinse your conditioner with cold water

Okay, this tip takes some courage but it saves energy and is a good preparation for the Wim Hoff method (remember when we all jumped in the office swimming pool last winter? Check our Instagram page for proof!). A quick cold rinse before you hop out of the shower helps seal the cuticle, for less frizz and more shine


5. Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair

The standard cotton towel is quite heavy and rough. This creates far too much friction on wet hair and will ultimately cause more breakage, fragility, and overall damage to the hair. A microfiber towel is less rough and helps your hair dry more quickly with significantly less frizz.


6. Need extra nourishment? Use a hair oil!

Using a hair oil works wonders for enhanced shine, protection against damage and dryness and to control frizzy hair. Best of all, it’s generally appropriate for all hair types. Our option: l'Huile by CÎME is a multifunctional oil that absorbs quickly and improves the shine and strength of your hair.You can use l'Huile by CÎME as a hair oil in different ways:

  • Before washing your hair - as a hair mask: spray l'Huile by CÎME on your hair and if you have a dry scalp, also on your scalp. Leave it on to take effect for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your hair with our shampoo. For intensely nourished - supple hair that shines with health.
  • After washing your hair - as a hair oil. Spray a small amount of l'Huile by CÎME into the palm of your hand and gently tousle your hair while focusing on your hair ends in order to protect and revitalize them. Especially for curly hair, this helps for decrease the frizzy effect.
  • Can also be used during your brushing by spraying some dry oil on your hairbrush.


CÎME hair care - l'Huile by CÎME








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