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Prepare your skin for Summer!

by Anke De Boeck |

The sun is coming out, shorts and skirts are dusted off and your schedule starts to fill with drinks and BBQ’s. You’re ready for this summer! But is your skin as well?

The skin is with a surface of approximately  two square meters the largest organ of your body and it has to endure  the most exposure from outside impulses. Sun, sand, wind, water,.. they all have an effect on your skin. But how do you properly take care of your skin during the summer months?

One of the most important aspects is removing dead skin cells by scrubbing. Creams and oils have more difficulty  penetrating the skin when there is a layer of dead skin cells on top. Besides that, it also helps to maintain your sunkissed skin a bit longer.  Scrubs made with plastic balls end up in the ocean and in the stomach of fish. So they are ecologically completely  irresponsible. Tip: Make your own body scrub using ( Himalya) salt and our dy oil L’Huile by CÎME.

Protect your skin against the sun. The sun causes by far the most skin damage when it comes to wrinkles and dark spots. On top of that, looking like a lobster is for very few people a charming look. That’s why you always have to use sunscreen, not only during sunny days but also on more clouded days. Your future you will thank you. The day-  and night crèmes of CÎMEcontain edelweiss extract, which provides a natural sun protection. But when you really go sunbathing it is important to use an extra sunscreen.

After a day of intense sunbathing you should definitely use a well hydrating night cream with antioxidants so your skin can repair itself  optimally during the night. Do you have the feeling that your skin is dried out from the sun? Give you face a well-deserved massage using our repairing serum kissed by a Rose. You will notice that it gives an instant boost

Some basic tips for summer:

1. Avoid sun exposure between 12 and 15. Those rays of sunshine  are to powerful and damaging for your skin.

2. Don’t forget to drink enough water! At least 1,5 litre a day. Don’t really like the taste of water ?  With some simple tips you can turn your plain water into a fancy summer drink.
Tip 1. Add some freshly squeezed lemon or lime and some mint leaves. This gives you water an instant refreshing and summer feeling.
Tip 2.. Are you more of a sweet tooth? Cut some strawberry’s and raspberry’s in half and add them to your bottle. Wait a couple of minutes and enjoy your summmer drink.

3. Relax and enjoy the nice weather the coming days. :D


Love, CÎME

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