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Spring cleaning: detoxify your skin!

by Jona De Graeve |

We finally said goodbye to winter and hello to spring! The temperature is rising and the sun is out more often. It’s time for a detox!

We switch our clothes and eating habits according to the change of seasons. Shorts & smoothies aren’t as good in winter as they are in summer right? The same counts for your skincare routine. When the weather changes, your skin reacts to it. Therefore your skin has different needs each time of year.


What does your skin need in spring?

When spring comes around you have to know that the cold and dark winter has made your skin dry and dull. You’ve been inside most times, haven’t seen any sunlight and you’re eating habits have probably suffered. Just like we’re spring cleaning our house, it’s time to spring clean our skin and detox our body.


How to spring clean your skin and detoxify:


1. Exfoliate



Winter has left your skin dull, dry and congested because of the cold weather and often bad eating habits (yes, those multiple deserts during Christmas time). We want to exfoliate to reveal brighter, glowing and smoother skin.


  • Take 1 tablespoon of sugar (exfoliates) & lemon juice(brightens) and mix together with two pumps of Recette de Pureté (nourishes)
  • Massage with gentle, circular motions onto damp, clean skin. Be careful to be gentle and don’t go over one area too much
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

 Repeat this routine 2x/week or 1x/week for sensitive skin.


2. Drink plenty of water


We want to flush out all the toxins and impurities by drinking 2l of water everyday. It’s the most popular, easy and cheap beauty tip that not a lot of people believe. After two weeks you’ll have clearer, plumper and softer skin!



3. Sleeping oily beauty?


3 times a week, switch your favourite CÎME night cream for our Kissed by a Rose serum. Oiling the skin will reveal clearer, softer and calmer skin.

The oil will nourish your skin deeply and you’ll wake up like a glowing goddess!



4. Clean eating habits


We want to detox from the inside as well. Eat more fruit and veggies, eat less sugar and more pure, wholesome foods. Cut the sugar and caffeine and drink more green tea!


5. Everything light?


As spring is evolving the temperature is slowly rising. That means that your skin needs lighter products. Try our Daisy Delight day and night cream for a light cream that brightens and protects your skin from external stress.


Don’t forget to remove dirt, pollution, sebum and makeup at the end of the day with our Rosée de Roses micellar water or cleansing oil Recette de Pureté!



6. Clean and natural cosmetics


The easiest way to detox our skin is to switch to skincare products with only natural and clean ingredients. With CÎME you have a full skincare routine that is completely natural and contains no parabens, no phenoxyethanol and no synthetic perfumes!



Have fun detoxing and spring cleaning!


Love, the CÎME-team

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