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Travel Beauty: In-flight CÎME beauty routine!

by Jona De Graeve |

Have you planned a fun holiday? Travelling can be fun but also stressful and tiring. To make your way to your destination a bit more fun and relaxing, let’s do a on-the-go beauty routine!


What’s in CÎME’s carry-on?


Airplanes can make the skin very dry and because you’re sitting together with a bunch of people in a little capsule in the air, there are a lot of bacteria. Order your CÎME sample set to have CÎME minis to take with you on the plane and have a “high” altitude – just like our Himalyan superfoods – facial.



If you’re on a long flight, repeat this routine a couple of times to keep the skin clean & hydrated. If you’re travelling by train, car or boat, you could also do this routine to pass the time and pamper yourself:


1. Remove make-up, clean and tone the skin with Rosée de Roses micellar lotion (don’t forget to bring cotton pads). 

2. Use Kissed by a Rose serum for an extra boost around the eyes or on dry spots. (Oily skin only on eye contours) 

3. Apply your favourite day and night cream to keep the skin soft and supple and lay a protective barrier against bacteria.

4. Use l’Huile by CÎME to apply to neck, arms and the ends of the hair. 

5. If your muscles and joints hurt from being in the same position all the time, use the Himalaya balm to soothe them.


#tipfromtheCÎMEteam = Go and wash your hands before you do this routine or keep a hand sanitizer in your bag. 


Have fun travelling!


Love, the CÎME team

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