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Visiting Nepal Part 1: Little Doctors project

by Anke De Boeck |

Walter, Anke's father and co-founder of CÎME, recently visited Nepal, the country where he has worked for many years and where he lost his heart. Read his travel report here!


After another exciting flight from the west Nepalese lowlands to the landing strip of Simikot in the Humla district, located at about 3000 meters height, we arrived in a radiant but fresh spring sunshine.


Pema of the local Nepal Trust agency was waiting for us, and after a local "dalbat" meal (lentils, rice and vegetable curry) we visited the Bal Mandir school. We financed the "little doctors" program in this school two years ago.


Students and teachers were still very excited about the program. Conversations with different students who followed the program two years ago showed that the knowledge gained was mainly applied in the area of local hygiene and in the care of cuts or burns. The "first aid kit" given to every "little doctor" also appeared to be very handy!


Over the past year, we supported the program in the village of Badgaon. Walter spoke to some students who were very excited about the knowledge they gained. Several students indicated that they got more respect in their local communities because of their "little doctor" testimony, which could encourage them to do more for the local villagers.

We are more than happy to support this wonderful initiative!


The CÎME team! 

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