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Beauty essentials on your ski trip in 5 steps

by Jona De Graeve |

The best thing about winter? That upcoming ski trip! Is there anything more fun than waking up next to a blanket of white snow, snowboarding, having lunch in the sun and ending your day in the après-ski? Less pleasant however, is the effect of the extreme cold, dry air and bright sunshine on your skin.

But no worries, CÎME has some winter vacation essentials, to make sure those little ailments won't ruin your vacation! Kissed by a Rose serum is perfect for dry spots, red cheeks and cracked skin, Himalaya 29°N-81°E is our handy-dandy first aid balm, For Your Hands Only hand cream will soothe your dry hands and Green Tea Therapy is the perfect bodylotion to keep your body hydrated in the dry mountain air.


Step 1: Sun protection is key!

Number one rule on ski holidays according to the CÎME team: Sun protection! Protect your face with a high SPF and don't let your burned nose ruin the fun.


But that's not all – protecting is one thing but you need pamper it too!


Step 2: Use an extra nourishing serum

While your body is wrapped in your warmest clothes, the icy wind still rubs against your cheeks. Even if you use sun protection you'll suffer from dry spots and red cheeks. In addition to your day and night cream it's ideal to use a serum too – you can apply it locally or on your entire face. Kissed by a Rose serum is a concentrated mix of essential oils of roses, wild roses, sea buckthorn and apricot that will nourish and revitalize the skin. Thanks to its formula it's thé secret against dry and red spots. It wil instantly soothe your skin and nourish deeply. Ps: it also improves the natural cell regeneration and the elasticity of the skin by the fatty acids omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and vitamins A, B, C and E.


Step 3: First aid balm for all ski ailments

This balm - enriched with 7 essential oils from the Himalayas - is a real lifesaver during your winter holiday. This balm is the secret for all kinds of small and larger ailments. Do you suffer for example from irritated skin on your lower legs and feet from those tight ski boots? Or even worse, cracks due to the cold? The precious essential oils in  Himalaya 29°N-81°E of chamomile and palmarosa are appreciated for their calming, soothing and cell regenerating properties. So irritated and cracked skin will be gone in no time! Cornmint oil has a clearing and stimulating effect and is very useful to prepare muscles for exercise and to clear the respiratory tract. Still suffer from tired muscles and aching joints? The wintergreen oil in this balm will relieve this.


Step 4: Don't forget your hands

Your hands will most likely suffer the most on a winter break. Snowball fight, anyone? Even if you wear mittens, your hands will get drier and rougher. To restore them, you should apply hand cream regularly. CÎME’s intensive hand cream For Your Hands Only, enriched with apricot kernel oil and aloë extract from the Himalayas, nourishes and protects the hands around the clock from harmful environmental factors. Thanks to its soft-textured formula, it easily penetrates the skin. So it's perfect to apply quickly on the ski lift.



Step 5: Pamper your body

Ok, your face and hands now get enough attention. But what about your body? It also deserves a little treatment after such an exhausting day. Have you noticed the air is drier in the mountians? After a few days this will cause dry and tight skin. CÎME’s Green Tea Therapy body lotion has silky soft formula, which will speed up absorption - so no stickiness! The chiuri butter from the Himalayas nourishes and moisturizes, while the green tea and turmeric extracts have firming properties. Tip from the CÎME team: “Make it a habit to always apply body lotion after taking a shower, your skin will permanently be nourished and restored."


With these CÎME beauties in your suitcase, nothing will spoil the fun! And now, don't break your legs!

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