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CÎME Sustainability Tips

by Florian Vanderstockt |

We, at CÎME, try to do the most we can to take care of our planet all year round. Protecting our precious earth is a paramount in the development and production of our products. Plastic Free May is the perfect time to share our personal tips with you as well. We hope you get inspired!

Anke's tip

Research shows that we already recycle fluently in the kitchen, but much less in the bathroom. So don't throw everything in your little bathroom trash can - but recycle your bathroom waste too.

Isabel's recycling tip

Give the recycling center a hand!

If you notice that the lid or pump of your container is made of a different material than the container itself, remove it and recycle both parts separately. Then they will have a better chance of being recycled. Because packaging made of different materials is more difficult to recycle, and is more likely to just be burned instead of recycled.

Leen's tips

Use a menstrual cup or menstrual underwear! It might take some time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it they're a pleasure to use and you won't want to go back to using disposable pads or tampons. I also use reusable cotton swabs from Last Swab and a toothbrush made from recycled plastic. 

Aglaë's tip

I stop the shower when I am washing my hair or body. Besides that, I try to go by bike as much as possible.

Vivianne's tip

My most sustainable tip is my way of grocery shopping. Every week I get paper bags with my weekly menus from EKOMENU. All vegetables, fish and meat are organic and unpackaged. The few groceries I still have to do myself I take with me when I'm on my rounds for CÎME or I take the bike to LIEK.

Walter's tip

I try not to take long showers and minimize my hot water consumption. 

Helene's tip

On my pink bike or on foot I go to the store for groceries. I use a nice big wicker basket, as much plastic free as possible of course!

Griet's tips

I use a reusable drinking bottle instead of plastic water bottles. In the kitchen you can go for a more ecological alternative for cling film, such as bee's wrap. Finally, I use an EcoEgg, for the fine and less dirty laundry. One egg can last up to 210 washes, which means it can save you lots of liters and kilos of detergent!

Carolien's tip

I occasionally work as a volunteer for "Farmers and Neighbors" and I only buy seasonal vegetables fruits. By doing so, I support our local farmers/producers. 

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