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Sustainable Packaging

by Florian Vanderstockt |

We are always looking for the most sustainable and ecological ways to package our products. As a result, most of our packaging is made from glass, plant based or post consumer recycled packaging. 

It's a work in progress, but here's how far along we are in now:

  • All our labels and tubes (For Your Hands Only & Green Tea Therapy) are plant based, made of sugar cane.
  • The paper of all packaging and promotional materials comes from sustainable forests (FSC label).
  • We use glass packaging whenever possible (although the production requires a lot of energy, this is still one of the most ecological alternatives). 
  • The packaging of our "Nuts About You" line is made of post consumer recycled plastic.
  • The packaging of our Daisy Delight and Under my Skin creams is made of Ocean Waste Plastic, meaning that the packaging is made of post consumer recycled plastic and that for each packaging, the equivalent of 4 plastic bags have been saved from our oceans and rivers. Learn more about our Ocean Waste Plastic packaging.
  • You can refill your Nuts About You volume shampoo and hand & body wash at our refill stations. More info about our refill stations here

Fun fact: How many shampoo bottles do you use each year? We did the test at the office with our team. The result: on average 4 bottles of shampoo and 4 bottles of shower gel per person per year. In total, this is 8 bottles per person that end up in the trash each year. So go refill yours! 

  • Himalaya 29°N-81°E and Le Baume by CÎME are packaged in aluminum. Aluminum does not come from a renewable green source but it is 100% recyclable and recycles forever.
  • NEW: We just launched our Recette de Pureté in a brand new packaging made of sugar cane plastic! Have you spotted it already in your favorite store? 

Fun fact: check the black bullets on our products for info about our sustainable packagings. 

The thing is, we cannot do this alone. We need you to help us on this one. Because by re-using and recycling the CÎME packaging, you help us care for our planet. So thanks for recycling them!

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