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Get party proof with CÎME

by Anke De Boeck |

Would you like to know how the CÎME team gets ready for a little party? Give yourself some me-time before the party even starts, and make your face, body and hair totally party proof! 

Couldn't fix an appointment with your beautician? Don't worry, CÎME has a perfect step-by-step plan for a complete DIY facial treatment @ home!

Facial Routine

Step 1: Cleansing 

Cleansing your face is the most crucial step in every facial treatment. The cleansing oil Recette de Pureté penetrates deeply and removes dirt, impurities and make-up (even waterproof) thoroughly. The better you cleanse your face, the better the effects of the following steps will be on your skin.

  • Step 1: Apply it on dry skin, using your fingertips
  • Step 2: Also apply it on closed eyes in order to remove eye-makeup
  • Step 3: Make your hands wet and massage your skin - the oil will transform in a milky-emulsion
  • Step 4: Wash it all off with water


Step 2: Deep cleansing - Scrub

A scrub or peeling is one of the best known deep cleansing methods. But do this max once a week.

Result? Your skin will be smooth and shiny because the scrub removes dead skin cells and blackheads. And it improves blood circulation, which results in a fresh complexion.


  • Step 1: Put about 5 pumps of Recette de Pureté in the palm of your hand
  • Step 2: Add 1/2 teapoon of sugar
  • Step 3: Gently massage your face (with focus on the t-zone) with circular movements (avoid the skin arount the eyes and mouth)
  • Step 4: Wash it all of with water


Step 3: Mask

Pamper yourself with this delicious DIY Turmeric Mask to purify and nourish your skin and improve your complexion. 


  • 1 teapoon of yoghurt to soften the skin 
  • 1 teapoon of turmeric soothe and restore your skin
  • 1 teapoon of honey to nourish your skin and absorbe all impurities
  • 1 teapoon of rice flour to purify
  • 2 sprays of l'Huile by CÎME 

Leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse is with water and a tiny bit of the Recette de Pureté. Hint: watch out for turmeric stains on your clothes or colorations of bleached hair!


Step 4: Tonify

  • Apply the micellar water Rosée de Roses with a cotton
  • This removes last bits of oil and other things that don't belong on your skin


What does this do? It cleanses and closes the pores and restores the natural balance of the skin.

Step 5: Serum

Sometimes, your skin can use an extra boost. The Kissed by a Rose serum nourishes and revitalizes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and helps to reduce fine lines and redness. 

Using your fingertips, apply a small amount of this serum on:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • The contours around the eyes
  • Pigmentation spots 
  • Dry of red spots

Could your skin still use some more nourishment? Mix a few drops of the serum with your day and night cream.


Step 6: Hydrating

A facial treatment wouldn't be complete without ending with a day or night cream. A cream protects you against harmful external influences and it is a good base for make-up!


Which cream should I use?


Body Routine

Step 1: Bathing


Do you own a bath? Then spoil yourself with a at home spa moment with a revitalizing and aromatic bath. You won't regret using our delicious smelling Magnificent Mandarine. This unique mix with pink Himalayan salt and pure essential oils from the Himalayas has a detoxing and refreshing effect. The green mandarine makes you stress-free and ready to kick some ass! It's the perfect step to finish your party beauty routine! 

  • 1 hand of bath salt 
  • Extra tip: use l'Huile by CÎME as bath-oil for a silky smooth effect - just spray a few times in your bath water
  • And now just take the time to relax!

Did you know? During the soaking in hot water, toxins are removed via your pores. Once the these are removed, your skin will absorb the minerals, vitamins and other active substances from the Magnificent Mandarine.


If you don't own a bath? Go to step 2.


Step 2: Scrubbing


Did you find the perfect party outfit? Are your arms and leggs exposed or is your outfit with an open neckline? Then an quick scrub session is a good idea! Do this while bathing or in the shower. 

Magnificent Mandarine is based on pink Himalayan salt, so it's free from microbeads (tiny plastic parts). These salt christals will exfoliate the skin and leave it silky soft. Also, pink Himalayan salt is rich in more than 80 natural minerals!

Other positive characteristics? Turmeric and rosehip make your skin stronger. And juniper and lemongrass remove toxins and stimulate blood circulation



  • 1 hand of bath salt
  • Add a few drops l'Huile by CÎME for a silky smooth result
  • And scrub! 


Step 3: Hydrating

Nourish and pamper your skin with two different products: 

Green tea therapy is a firming body lotion that even manages to nourish the driest skin. Green tea and turmeric restore the skin's elasticity and prevent the breakdown of collagen. It stimulates the blood circluation and the breakdown of fat cells, making the skin smoother and firmer.

  • Massage a small amount of the Green tea therapy in circular motion on the stomach, buttocks and thighs.


The l'Huile by CÎME dry oil will nourish your skin and make it glow. Because of the carrot extracts in this formule, your skin will get a beautiful teint without using a selftan. Perfect for parties! 

Apply  l'Huile by CÎME on all bodyparts that need a little extra shimmer for your party! 

  • Arms
  • Leggs
  • Decolleté
  • Maybe your back as well?


 Hair Routine

Step 1: Hairmask 

Would you like your hair to be as shiny as your glittery dress, but is it very dry and damaged? 

Make an easy hairmask with l'Huile by CÎME for deeply nourished, healthy and shiny hair!

  • Spray l'Huile by CÎME on your dry hair (optional: add a teaspoon of honey)
  • Let is rest for 15 minutes
  • Wash it out
  • Afterwards, wash your hair with shampoo


Step 2: Leave-in oil 

Use l'Huile by CÎME to protect your hair ends while blowdrying and give it some extra shine!

  • Spray a small amount of l'Huile by CÎME in the palm of your hand
  • Spread it through the lengths and ends of your hair
  • Tip: don't get too close to your scalp or your hair becomes greasy

Tip: you can also use this oil while brushing your hair. Just spray some oil on your brush. 



Now you're totally party proof!


See you on the dancefloor,


The CÎME team 


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