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Music for life: charity workshop!

by Anke De Boeck |

This month, CÎME's ambassador Annelies organized a special workshop for De Warmste Week to collect money for charity. The charity project we supported was Cédric Hèle Instituut - the Flemish institute that looks after the importance of psychosocial oncology. Why this charity?

A few years ago, the mother of a good friend of Annelies got cancer. Even though she did win the battle, she's not around anymore. Due to the lack of psychological support after being completely recovered, she committed suicide. 

To raise more awareness on this topic - more psychological assistance for people with cancer and their family, Hilde's family collected money to give to the Cédric Hèle Instituut that looks after the importance of psychosocial oncology.

Annelies came up with the idea of collecting some money for this charity as well. So, she organized a CÎME workshop, of which the subscription fees were entirely donated to this charity, as well as the proceeds of all products bought. In total we raised € 650!

So, a big thanks to all of you who attended the workshop. And to Annelies for the idea and organising this event. With your help we were able to donate a beautifull amount of money to the Cédric Hèle Instituut!

For all your questions on the topic of suicide, you can call the (Dutch) number 1813 of de Zelfmoordlijn, or visit the (Dutch) website zelfmoord1813.be.

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