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How to create your own spa at home with CÎME

by Florian Vanderstockt |

Got some free time during your Easter staycation and you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With our tips and tricks you will be able to create your own spa at home for a perfect me-time moment.


1: Face massage

Now that you have more time, it’s a good idea to double cleanse your face. As the first step you can use our oil cleanser Recette de Pureté. Massage the cleansing oil with your fingertips onto dry skin. Wet your hands and massage into your skin and face. Rinse off afterwards with lukewarm water.

The second step is to use the cleansing & tonifying lotion Rosée de Roses. Apply with cleansing cotton and/or vaporize directly onto the skin to tone your skin. Don’t rinse with water.


2: Moisturise

It’s important to hydrate your skin after a deep cleanse. According to your skin type there are 3 moisturizers we suggest. If you have normal to sensitive skin Belle d’amour is your friend. If your skin is more oily we suggest you to use Daisy Delight. And if you have more mature or dry skin we have Under my Skin for you.

If you’re feeling a little bit extra you can add a few drops of our l’Huile by CÎME, beautifying dry oil, good for hair, nails and skin. This oil also gives an intense and nourished effect. On top of that it gives your skin a golden glow, right in time for spring!

Inside tip: Our colleague Leen uses l’Huile by CÎME as her go-to moisturizer for face and hair after each shower.


 3: Scrub 

Did you know our scrub, Magnificent Mandarine, is multifunctional? You can either use it as a normal body scrub, or you can use it as bath salt. It is made with pink Himalayan salt and pure essential oils. To create a more silky scrub, you can add a few drops of our beautifying dry oil to the salt. 

After a scrub we recommend to hydrate your body as well by using our Green Tea Therapy body lotion. This body moisturizer deeply nourishes and repairs even the driest skin. Packed with natural beauty foods from the Himalayas.

Not a big fan of scrub or bath salt? You can spray a few drops of l'Huile by CÎME in the bath water for a true wellness-moment.


4: Hair care

Spray l'Huile by CÎME on dry hair. Leave it on to take effect for 15 to 20 minutes before washing your hair. For intensely nourished - supple hair that shines with health.

Spray a small amount of l'Huile by CÎME into the palm of your hand and gently tousle your hair while focusing on your hair ends in order to protect and revitalize them. Can also be used during brushing by spraying some dry oil on your hairbrush.


Extra tips

To create that full spa atmosphere, we recommend lighting your favorite candle and putting on some relaxing music.


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