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Nuts About You - Wash & Scrub

by Katarina Akay |

Is it a hand & body wash? Is it a scrub? It's both! From now on you will never lose precious time in the bathroom again, because with our brand new wash & scrub, you will be ready in no time.

With this product we are adding a new member to our Nuts About You line. In addition to the Volume shampoo, Volume conditioner and Hand & body wash, the Wash & Scrub for hands and body, is now also added to the range. The fine scrub particles of 100% natural origin will gently exfoliate your body and provide an instant silky smooth skin. So gentle, you can use our Wash & Scrub daily. Wonderful scents in the air and a wonderful feeling on the skin, what more could you want?

The 100% natural aroma was composed by our colleague, Walter. The floral scent of rose geranium combined with the soft citrus scent of bergamot make you dream of sunny days in faraway places. The spicy note of Sichuan pepper provides that extra bit of spice. Just as the other products from the Nuts About You line, the packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. In short, our brand new “Nuts About You Wash & Scrub” will transform your bathroom into a real botanical spa with these wonderful aromas.

Read more about our sustainable packaging here.


Natural goodness for your body & our planet

Most of the body and face scrubs available on the market contain microbeads. On the one hand, these provide a scrubbing effect, but on the other hand they are highly polluting plastic particles that flow directly from your bathroom drain into the sewer. The microbeads contribute to a large extent of the "Plastic Soup" that wanders in our oceans.

Instead, we chose to use wood pulp-based cellulose (FSC sustainably certified) for the scrub effect. These fine particles exfoliate the skin in a milder way and make the skin silky soft without damaging it. Last but not least, these sustainable exfoliants are completely natural and free of toxins. No plastic can compete with that!


Let's go back to where it all started 

Traditional washing products always contain sulfates. The problem with sulfates, however, is that they break down your skin's natural protective layer, making it more fragile and drier after every wash. Besides the fact that sulfates aren't the best choice for your body, they aren't the planet's best friend either. When sulfates are flushed with our shower water, these harmful substances end up in the environment.

When Isabel and Anke went on a trip to Nepal, they took a closer look at the local care rituals. For example, they use a completely natural alternative to sulphates, namely soap nuts. The shell of the soap nut has a foaming and cleansing effect without drying out your skin or harming our planet. In addition, they are very accessible because they grow on trees in the lowlands of Nepal.

More information about Nepalese soap nuts and our fair trade projects can be found on this blog article from our trip to Nepal.

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