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Tip Tuesday: Sunscreen during winter

by Tess Ghewij |

Using sunscreen in winter? Does this sound weird to you? Actually, it does make sense. Because even if you don’t see the sun – the sun is constantly shining UV-rays to the earth. There are two kinds of UV rays. UVB causes sunburn and turns you lobster-red. It’s true that the intensity of UVB varies by season, location and temperature. But, next to these UVB-rays, there are also UVA-rays, which are more harmful because they penetrate more deeply into the skin and can cause wrinkles, pigmentation spots and other skin damage. Unfortunately, UVA will even damage your skin when the sun is not shining. So, not only when you’re chilling at the beach on a sunny day in August, but also when you’re walking to work on a rainy day in January. Therefore, sun protection is necessary in every season – so put on your sunscreen guys!

To make it easy for you, you don’t have to add an extra ‘put on sunscreen’-step in your daily beauty ritual. All CÎME day and night creams contain a natural sun protection, equal to SPF 10 to 15. This due to the use of edelweiss extract in Daisy Delight and Belle d’amour, and sea buckthorn berries in the Under My Skin day and night cream.



The CÎME team

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